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Services & Solutions

Providing independent, unbiased financial advice and solutions.

Roy and Associates helps individuals and businesses plan for the future by identifying and implementing wealth accumulation strategies.

Whether you are looking to save for a down-payment on your dream home, pay for your child’s education, or reward yourself with a retirement of travel, it is never too early to start thinking about your financial goals.

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You can build your wealth, and we can help you do that.


Plan for the future...


Roy and Associates provides financial planning and retirement services that focus on tax efficient investment solutions to maximize your earnings and savings. For the business owner, families or individuals, we offer a full range of flexible services and solutions for all your needs. We provide independent, unbiased financial advice and solutions on: individual and spousal RRSPs and RRIFs, group RRSPs and DPSPs, RESPs, severance and pension roll-overs, investment accounts, financial plans and locked-in accounts.


Protect what matters most...


Roy & Associates provides life, disability and critical illness insurance that works when you need it to work. Because we assist you with planning for future possibilities, we help guide you in a direction that is most beneficial to your personal choices. For as long as you can probably remember, the benefits of having a backup plan or “just in case” proviso have been a regular part of your life. Insurance is that very same security, arrived at by advance planning. It is worth your time, to spend some time with us.


You only get one retirement, make it great...


Roy & Associates believes in pre-retirement planning, to start building a strategy that will facilitate whatever you end up doing. This is not your parents’ retirement plan. This is not your children’s retirement plan either. What we’re talking about is a planning process that will create your retirement opportunity. If we know what your expectations are, we can plan for you to meet them, even if they change. And if you know you have a plan for your retirement, you can spend this time better. That is what Roy & Associates can help you achieve.


Stay competitive and keep your members engaged...


At Roy & Associates, we build custom business insurance based on the needs of your company. And those needs are different that the company next door. They are even different than your competition. It is all about being able to manage your business with confidence. And we know you can do that more effectively knowing that there is a strategy in place to meet your corporate directions, even if they change. Time will not stand still for you in the moment of a crisis. If you have a sound strategy, you won’t need it to.